Hoop Dreams: Student Book Review

hoop dreamsThis was a great book. At first I wasn’t so sure how good it would be because I saw the film but didn’t remember much about it. But after reading it now, I can truly say that I would recommend this book as good read, particularly for basketball players or people who know something about the game just because they might understand the basketball specifics in this game more than someone who wasn’t all that familiar with basketball. I would recommend this book for three reasons. First, this book is a true story meaning it actually happened. Because of this the book means a lot more to me. It makes this book unique. Second, because of the storyline I definitely recommend it. It had a perfect happy ending and wrapped up the book/story very nicely. And finally, I would recommend it because of the theme. I believe that it is important to dream, but it also is important to realize those dreams might change. I would also recommend this book for a particular scene at the end. Arthur goes off and becomes very successful in basketball but for William there is a different path. He is burned out and sick from basketball so in his college sophomore season he decides to take a year off. He is put down and called a quitter but instead he concentrates and learns to appreciate the value of education and learns that life is more than basketball. Then after his break he comes back and rediscovers his love for the game of basketball.  – Andy Van Kirk, 9th Grade


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