I Hunt Killers: Student Book Review

i hunt killersIf you enjoy thrilling, and intense books then “I Hunt Killers” is most definitely for you. Honestly this is probably the best book that I have read. Barry Lyga does a really good job of keeping you on the edge of you’re seat in this book. The very first page of the book starts off with a bang! A boy named Jasper (Jazz) walks into a crime scene there is yellow police tape around the perimeter and there were cops, state-troopers, and a crime-scene tech. That’s only the FIRST page of the book now imagine how intense and good the book actually is. Would I recommend this book though? Of course I would recommend this book with no second thought about it, in fact I already recommended it to my mother. I would recommend this book because it has such a good plot to it and the way every thing is setup, its like this book was just put together with perfection! Another reason why I would recommend this book is because like I said earlier he keeps you wanting more. I guarantee as soon as you open up this book and read the first few pages it will hurt you to even let go of the book. Even though I already read it I still have the urge to just pick it up and start reading it. The last reason I would recommend this book is for the simple fact that it is an amazing book. If you were to read it I promise you it would become one of you’re favorite books instantly. Even if you are not into scary, or thrilling books you just can not deny the simple fact that this book is amazing. This book definitely would earn 5 stars from me if I were a critic. Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   – Ty Thornton, 9th Grade


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