Seal Team Six: Student Book Review

seal team sixThe type of person who would enjoy Seal Team Six is the type of person who enjoys action, but understands that everything in the book actually happened. This autobiographical novel should be read by someone mature, as it is about actual killing in an actual war. However, the book has some light parts, for example: “Each morning at the Delta range, we started out doing a cold-bore shot from 200 yards on a clay pigeon, a small target made of pitch and pulverized limestone rock in the size and shape of an inverted saucer, taped on a white silhouette target. For Country and me, it was an easy shot. When the bullet struck, the clay pigeon sprayed into dust. Everybody who missed had to buy a case of beer. The FBI and Secret-Service snipers bought a case of beer almost every day” (Wasdin 174). On the other hand, the book also has some serious parts like: ” ‘Down,’ I said in Arabic. The crew member spoke Arabic. ‘No.’ I looked in his eyes. He seemed confused, not like he was being hostile for the sake of being hostile. Thinking it was a simple miscommunication, I lowered my MP-5 submachine gun a little. He lunged at me with his fire extinguisher. Damn. I sidestepped just as the fire extinguisher glanced of the side of my head. Back then, we weren’t wearing assault helmets. If I hadn’t sidestepped, the blow would’ve caught me straight in the face. Wow. He almost killed me with a fire extinguisher. How would that look? Try to be nice and get taken out with a fire extinguisher. I was furious. I caught him sideways and buried the muzzle of my MP-5 under his right ear, pushed him back, then gave him a butt stroke for good measure.” (Wasdin 128-129). I liked both the light and the serious parts of the book. This book was the perfect mix of both. I also enjoyed how the book showed some of what it is like to be in the military and in SEALs. It opened up my eyes to how terrible and violent war can be. I now respect what it means to serve in the military much more after reading this book. Seal Team Six is one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action, or anyone who wants to learn what its like to be in the military. – Kailash Fox, 9th Grade


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