Some Girls Are: Student Book Review

 some girlsSome Girls Are is now one of my favorite books because it shows truth with real life situations. The story line of this book is all about how you can only trust certain people. My book is about a teenage girl who gets sexually assaulted at a party, she then tells someone who she thinks she can trust, but in fact ruins her life. The book is a good life lesson to some because it shows how valuable one’s friendship is. I think that the type of person who might like this is a girl who is comfortable with the topic of sexual assault. What I mean by “comfortable” is that she has seen or heard about shows on the topic and is okay reading about the topic. This book is great for high school girls because its right at our age level; it has drama, romance, and action. This book is a great example of how people may react to this situation, and how you have to trust certain people and not everyone. With in the book some scenes may be hard to read because of how elaborate they may be, but that just shows how much details the author puts into there writing. I think that this book is nice for those teen drama lovers. – Taylor Belo, 9th Grade


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