The Boys of Winter: Student Book Review

boy of winterSomebody who might like The Boys of Winter would be anybody who enjoys thrilling, exciting, suspenseful sports books.  The scene that would best sum up these adjectives above would be when Mike Eruzione has the puck and the game is tied 3-3 with 10 minutes left and he is skating down the ice: “Eruzione moved right.  He pulled up.  He had room.  He let fly with a twenty five foot wrist shot off the wrong foot.  Vasily Pervukhin, No. 5 in red, went down to block it.  He didn’t get it.  Myshkin hunched low in goal.  The puck was coming.  He didn’t get a good look because Pervukhin was screening him.  The puck was getting closer… Goal.”  The book gives every last detail as to what is happening when he shoots and scores to put the U.S on top and eventually win the game!  I would definitely recommend this book to everybody.  It is a book that you are not going to want to put down, and it is about a very important part in American history.  Also it will teach somebody the importance of perseverance and dedication and never giving up even when things are going against him or her.  The main reason I would recommend this book though would be because it is inspirational; it will give you goosebumps.  So I would recommend this book to almost everybody, not just those who like sports. – Ben Bedard, 9th Grade



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