The Magicians: Student Book Review

magiciansThe theme, and the book were both a little dark so I would recommend this book to someone like who likes dark action and adventure. If you have read the Harry Potter series this is the book might be for you. In my opinion this is Harry Potter on Steroids then the book meets Narnia. This is prevalent during the book then at the end they take one final adventure and the last adventure has talking animals. If you are also into edgy books this is a perfect book. I would say this book is edgy because there are a lot of sex scenes in the book as well as some gruesome parts such as when Penny gets his hands eaten off.  I personally liked the booked it had a good plot but I will say some parts were confusing in the way they were explained and if you were going to read it you have to be mature about it. – Patrick Wong, 9th Grade


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