The Night She Disappeared: Student Book Review

disappearedI would recommend the book The Night She Disappeared by April Henry to teenage girls, such as Tyra Scott. The book has some romance as a side story. Drew and Gabie, two main characters in the book, were hanging out and talking about Kayla, the girl who was kidnapped, when Gabie unexpectedly kissed Drew. I think that a teenage girl would appreciate this added scene, even though it is unnecessary, because it is what they want to happen to them. I also recommend The Night She Disappeared because it is written in three points of view, the story line is not predictable, and it has a thrilling plot line that will keep a readers attention. April Henry did a great job writing this book from three points of view. Each character was describing the same story, yet she made all three views completely different. Kayla’s point of view was particularly interesting because she describes where she is and what is happening without spoiling the ending for the reader. While I was reading The Night She Disappeared I didn’t find anything that happened boring or expectable. I think that April Henry did a good job adding plot twists without being predictable. In my opinion, The Night She Disappeared is definitely a book worth reading. – Sarah Cumm, 9th Grade


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