Banned Books Week


Banned Books Week is our annual celebration of your right to read.  Many books are banned or challenged each year for content that some people find offensive.  This type of censorship takes place in some libraries, but not ours! The First Amendment guarantees our rights to free speech and freedom of expression. We believe in letting you make the choice when it comes to what you read.

In honor of Banned Books Week, we have taken a commonly banned book, shredded it, and put it on display for all to see.  How does it make you feel when you see a book torn to pieces?  Our shredded book is a symbolic representation of what it means to ban a book.  It’s also a fantastic contest.  If you can guess what book this is, you can enter into a drawing to win a pretty great prize.  Stop by the library to enter the contest and check out our display of banned and challenged books.

Exercise your FREADOM– read a banned book!

Oh, and don’t worry– we have extra copies of this book… we would not dare remove it from our shelves– it’s awesome!


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