Graphic Novel October: Week One

We’ve had a recent surge of interest in our graphic novel collection in the library, so when I saw that they are doing a graphic novel celebration over at Nerdy Book Club, I thought I would join in.  Every Thursday in October, I will be highlighting a novel, series, or author in our graphic novel collection to take part in the celebration and spread the word about some great books. First up is an awesome novel written and illustrated by an all female team of authors and illustrators, featuring some kick-butt girls.

lumberjanesLumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy

I’ve been reading rave reviews of this graphic novel for months now, and I finally got my hands on it when it arrived at the library today. The book introduces us to five girls who are away at Lumberjanes camp for the summer, having one adventure after another. There are three eyed foxes, hipster yetis, statues that come to life, and cookie-baking boys who may or may not be possessed. I love the characters, love the artwork, and LOVE the word play.  I would recommend this for pretty much anyone, but especially readers who like a little humor and whimsy mixed in with their adventure.

Get it, read it, then share it with everyone from 5th grade on up.



4 thoughts on “Graphic Novel October: Week One

  1. I LOVE Lumberjanes! I have been a faithful follower since the first book was released. I recommended it to my former students, who are now in High School and they loved it.

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