Third Annual Teen Grab Bag Event!

As with years past, we selected our (and hopefully your!) favorite books and wrapped them up with goodies and a bow for students to grab and read over winter break.  Thanks to the hard work of our Student Library Advisory Board (what would we do without them?), we had even more bags than ever for this year’s event.

We are always pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of Severn Students when it comes to reading a surprise selection of books.  One student stated simply, “I’ve been in a reading rut. This is perfect to get me out of it!” That’s the idea … and music to our librarian ears!

This can be a grueling time of year as many students are under pressure to wrap up semester-long projects and prepare for exams. We’re happy that we can add a little fun with these grab bags.  Until next year, happy reading!



3 thoughts on “Third Annual Teen Grab Bag Event!

  1. I LOVE this idea! Would you mind sharing what you put on the bags? Since it was a grab bag event…did you put the book barcode on the bag? Thank you!

    • Hi – We made little tags for the bags that said the genre of books and whether they were for middle school or high school students (we have a 6-12 library). Then, we wrote the barcodes for the books on a sticky note and put that on the back of the bag. When a student got a bag, they just handed us the sticky note, so we could check them out. The first year we didn’t think about needing the barcodes until after we put books into the bags… live and learn 🙂

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