Graphic Novel Thursday: Malcolm X

This graphic biography covers the entirety of Malcolm X’s life in just over 100 pages. The dMalcolm Xrawings are all in black and white, adding to the black and white subject matter. While I can understand how challenging it is to boil down someone’s lifetime, it seemed odd how the book was paced. Specific events were explained in depth for an entire chapter, whereas other portions (namely family life) were skimmed over with just one sentence. Majority of the graphic novel focuses on the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X’s complicated relationship with its members and views. Conversations and narrations wove together, adding a personal touch to the historical context, but the narrator’s bias is strongly felt. It would partner well with a straightforward textbook about Civil Rights, providing a specific point of view and narrative, though students should be warned of Malcolm X’s sometimes PG-13 lifestyle of drugs, women, and guns.

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