5th Grade Researchers

We welcomed some little visitors to the library this week! Our 5th grade students made the trek over to our campus to do some research on arctic explorers. We set up 6 different computer stations to encourage students to use specific resources (databases, videos, pdfs, etc.) to answer questions about explorers. “According to Admiral Richard Byrd, what did he do on May 9, 1926?” is just one example. Students also learned about Barbara Hillary (first black woman to reach the North Pole), Robert Scott Falcon (leader of the Polar Plateau expedition), Lillimor Rachelew (one of the first women to reach Antarctica), Matthew Henson (first African-American arctic explorer), and Roald Amundsen (first to reach the South Pole). The 5th grade students got a feel for how our library is set up and what life might be like once they progress to 6th grade. We supplied additional books about animals and arctic life to provide some entertainment between stations. The students will now travel back to their campus to complete projects on the explorer of their choice. We’re excited about this new batch of researchers!


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