2019: Week Two

We started off the week with a snow day!! Let’s be real; no matter how much we love our jobs, there is nothing like a surprise day off of work.  Then it was back to business.

6th grade Shakespeare wrapped up: citations finished, paraphrasing refined and presentations made. A student with a concussion needed A Single Shard read to him; a teacher wanted to figure out how to cite her own photography from a scholarly journal article, and THE PRINTER DOWNSTAIRS STOPPED WORKING. Thankfully, it was only out of commission for a day.  We mapped out Book Club and Battle of the Books meetings through March and concocted some plans for our April author visit. (Steve Sheinkin is coming!!) There were new books to catalog, which is always exciting, and we added some awesome titles to the collection (see photos below). To wrap up the week, our second quarter reading challenge comes to a close this afternoon, so it’s time to tally up the books and go shopping for some sweet prizes.

Happy Friday!!

new books 2





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