Book Face Swap Winner!

We are excited to announce the Book Face Swap Contest winner, middle school student Daniel Berlin! Daniel took a different approach than we expected when we created this contest. He swapped the faces of people on the book cover using Adobe Photoshop Fix —  so well in fact that we had to compare the original to see the swap! Take a close look, can you tell which is which?



Of course we have to give a shout out to everyone who participated. These were made using either Snapchat or Face Swap Booth. The swaps turned out a little freaky and a lot of fun! We even took a shot at it ourselves!



Research Tip: Don’t Cite Wikipedia

image of Wikipeida logo with question markIt’s okay to use Wikipedia to find general information on a topic, but don’t stop there. Using Wikipedia as an official source for a research paper is a bad idea because not all of the information you can find there is verified and reliable.  A lot of it is, but not all.

If you find a good Wikipedia page, be smart and check the works cited at the bottom of the page. Follow those links and using your web evaluation skills, find more credible sources and use those for your research.


Do Not Go Gentle into that Construction Site

IMG_1020It’s finally spring!  The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and… it’s National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we are creating a Severn Community Poem… by text! The theme?  You guessed it… the epic construction of our new building.

Here’s how it works. Text us one line of verse (rhyme or not, doesn’t matter) about the construction of our new building.  As we get the texts, we’ll put them together and make one epic poem. Here’s the number: 410-849-6222 .  Get creative! Get poetic!

Happy National Poetry Month!

Middle School Maker Fair Moments

The Zimmerman Library Crew had such a great time at the Middle School Maker Fair and something tells us (maybe the huge grins??) that our kids had an even better time than we did.  From the MaKey MaKey banana piano to the LED light up cards, each station was filled with kids experimenting, exploring, and plain ol’ figuring it out.

Of course we have to send a HUGE shout out to our Upper School kids from the Student Library Advisory Board that ran the stations and really made the afternoon fun.  Take a look at some of our favorite moments!


Teen Tech 2015: Makerlicious Awesomeness

Coming up on March 3rd the Zimmerman Library Crew will be hosting a Teen Tech Event for middle school students.  Teen Tech Week is all about inspiring innovation and creativity in teens and we just love this year’s theme, Libraries are for Making! We are taking over the cafeteria from 3:00-4:15 for one afternoon of makerlicious awesomeness. All middle school students are welcome, just show up and be prepared to have fun!

With volunteer help from our Student Library Advisory Board, we’ll have a ton of activities for you. Choose one, choose them all, it’s up to you!

  • origami
  • creating artful simple circuits
  • timed building challenges
  • interactive robotics demonstrations
  • MaKey MaKey invention station
  • and more!

BookFace Contest Winners!

What happens when you take a bunch of really creative kids and unleash them in the library for our latest and greatest book inspired contest? BookFace!  We asked kids to use book covers to create striking photos that blur the lines between reality and imagination.  To say that we were impressed with the entries is an understatement!  Choosing the winners was not easy and we had to enlist a number of impartial judges in the process.  Help us wish Paul Wyrough and Lydia Outland congratulations for their winning entries.

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