2019: Week 11

This was our first week back from Spring Break, and while I could have used some warmer temperatures (seriously – where are you spring???), it was a great week in the library.

magical realism post

The big project this week comes from the 10th grade English classes, who are studying magical realism as part of their global literature curriculum.  We got to help kids find novels or collections of short stories from the genre, which they will use as part of their larger research project.  I think it’s going to blow some of their minds; magical realism is (to me) one of the most challenging, but interesting, genres since what’s real is always in question.  I did realize, though, that we have a couple of gaps in our collection, even though we purchased a number of titles for this project.  In particular, one comment from a student sticks out in my mind – “I just want short stories by an Asian author.” We’ve got Haruki Murakami, but that’s it – and his were checked out when her class came.  So I’m on a hunt now.

Other highlights of the weekend included daily library trivia, which has taken off in popularity. Questions this week included “What actor portrayed James Bond in the first movie?” and “What country was the first to use paper money?” I also got to help with a session at the AIMS Diversity Conference on elevating underrepresented voices using primary sources and literature. AND I was able to talk with the amazing librarians at the Key School in Annapolis about the work they do around diversity in their libraries. They’ve got a great thing going there.



2019: Week 10

This is our last week of school before spring break, and the weather has turned a bit warmer, so everyone can see the light at the end of the winter tunnel. My brain is officially ready for vacation, so I’m just going to give a bullet list for this week’s activities.

  • Helped 9th graders find books to read over Spring Break
  • Gave book talks to our 4 awesome 6th grade English classes
  • Had a library lunch staff meeting
  • Supervised for middle school lunch cleanup (now THAT is fun times)
  • Hosted a board game playing enrichment for the upper school
  • Met with 6th grade book club for The Hunger Games
  • Presented to middle school about upcoming author visit (Steve Sheinkin!)
  • More stuff but my brain isn’t cooperating

We will be back in April.  Happy Friday!!!!

2019: Week 8

Does this mean it’s been two months??  Yep! It’s March 1st today.  Bye February.

So let’s do this week’s highlights.

Teaching research to freshmen. Writing a blog post for The Hub. Cataloging over 100 new books. Processing all those books. Making a presentation to the future boss.  Teaching a lesson on bias to 7th/8th graders. Creating a presentation on running book tastings and the importance of choice in reading for students. Finding books for student research projects.  Helping a teacher with an article for his Econ class. Hanging out with kids at the front desk. Playing The Beatles on Alexa because it just seemed like that kind of day.

Good week.





2019 : (Belated) Week 7

Last week was a blur.  Monday we had off (goooooo presidents!), Tuesday was business as usual, Wednesday we had off (gooooooo snow days!), Thursday was our public library visit with half the 6th grade, and Friday I had jury duty (goooooo civic duty!) but my compatriots took the other half of the 6th grade for their public library visit.

When we were actually at school, we had two more 8th grade history classes visit us to read books by African Americans, so we got to do part two of our AA Read-In, which was awesome.  During that day I read What Momma Left Me by Renee Watson, which I highly recommend.  We shelved and processed and cataloged a backlog of books, my blog post went up on the Hub, another round of juniors came in to peruse topics for their term papers, and we took our entire 6th grade to the public library to pick up library cards for those who didn’t have them, and to let everyone know what the public library has to offer them.

Now I have to get to this Monday’s work… Happy Week 8 of 2019!




2019: Week 6

We did it! We made it through the week!

This Thursday we hosted our third annual African American Read-In, and I am really proud of the work put in to make the day a success.  Inspired by this tweet, we decided to make faces to put on windows around the library.  The end result was awesome, and the hours of work put in by students and library staff was so worth it.  A HUGE shout out to the students who came in during their lunch, their free periods, and after school to make this happen. Also, a thanks to my advisory and Ms. Josey’s advisory for braiding a whole lot of yarn.


The actual day of the read-in was great.  We had over 125 students come through to enjoy books by African American authors, taking time to just relax and read. Thank you to those teachers who brought their classes in and to the students who came in during their free time to read with us.

In between making art and pulling books and setting up the event, we also prepared to give a presentation to the entire school faculty about our libraries.  No biggie. Just 25 minutes to tell everyone we work with all they need to know about what we do here.  It turned out great and I think everyone got to know the libraries at least a little better.

Now I’m off to enjoy this three day weekend!



2019: Week 5

Shwew… what a week! Monday feels like a vague memory…

Exploration seemed to be a theme this week; we started off with a fun visit from the 5th graders to research black explorers and see what the “big kids” library is like. The rest of the week, there were lots of freshmen coming in for help with researching an explorer for their history class. They had to use an actual book and were amazed at how useful a good subject encyclopedia can be.

Lunch time was extra busy- Monday we visited the Multicultural Alliance to talk about our upcoming African American Read In, Tuesday reading club met, Thursday 6th grade book club got together, and today we had students come to work on our AA Read In decorations. (I can’t wait for them to go up; we have some AMAZING artists.)

It was also a week of meetings.  Professional development, advisors lunch, grade team, academic committee, scheduling…

Weekend, here we come!



2019: Week Four

How is it already February?!? January, we barely knew thee.

There was a lot on tap in the library this week.  In the upper school, we went to sophomore debates in chemistry classes, helped with junior poetry research, and attended Unity Day sessions. For the middle school, we read a handful of new sports books to prepare for the 8th grade book talks this week. (We got 59 checkouts from our 8th grade visits; not bad for 69 kids.) We also did a lot of reader’s advisory, for everything from “a book that everyone should read” to “a book about a woman who was the first to do something” to “a book with no boring parts.” Piece of cake. We had our first Battle of the Books lunch meeting, so that our teams could work out their reading strategies, and we made a display to go along with the Upper School’s Unity Day.

Today we enjoyed being snug in our library snow globe as the world turned white outside, and we worked on back office stuff – cataloging, budget, book orders, eBook updates, etc…



Happy Friday!