2019: Week 6

We did it! We made it through the week!

This Thursday we hosted our third annual African American Read-In, and I am really proud of the work put in to make the day a success.  Inspired by this tweet, we decided to make faces to put on windows around the library.  The end result was awesome, and the hours of work put in by students and library staff was so worth it.  A HUGE shout out to the students who came in during their lunch, their free periods, and after school to make this happen. Also, a thanks to my advisory and Ms. Josey’s advisory for braiding a whole lot of yarn.


The actual day of the read-in was great.  We had over 125 students come through to enjoy books by African American authors, taking time to just relax and read. Thank you to those teachers who brought their classes in and to the students who came in during their free time to read with us.

In between making art and pulling books and setting up the event, we also prepared to give a presentation to the entire school faculty about our libraries.  No biggie. Just 25 minutes to tell everyone we work with all they need to know about what we do here.  It turned out great and I think everyone got to know the libraries at least a little better.

Now I’m off to enjoy this three day weekend!



A New Perspective on Black History Month

February is Black History Month. It’s a time to consider the lives of African Americans throughout US history and today.  What does this mean for you and the library?  We’ve added materials to our collection to support learning about the social, historical and cultural experiences of black Americans.  This means reaching beyond the traditional to offer a viewpoint you might not have considered before with graphic novels, CD’s, DVDs, and more. We’ve also got a display of quotes outside the library that can really get you thinking about your role in in the developing history of our culture as Americans from all different backgrounds. Come take a look and find your perspective.