Edgy book #2: Impossibe by Nancy Werlin

So my biggest beef with this one is that you have a girl who is a senior in high school marrying a guy who just finished his freshman year of college, and it’s the best thing to ever happen to them, and they are going to live happily ever after.  Now, granted, an evil Elfin Knight and an ancient curse are involved, so I get it. But still, my modern sensibilities rebel against the idea that either of them are as mature as they are portrayed in the book, and that they are going to be in love forever and ever.  However, that said, the story itself was interesting, and I liked that it was based on the lyrics of “Scarborough Fair,” as well as on ancient folktales.   The villain was truly evil; there was an honest portrayal of family support and love, and the protagonist is a strong, intelligent, indepedent young woman.


Last week the book Radical Reads 2 arrived in my library, and I promptly took it and started looking for which books we own.  I checked out as many as I could fit in my bookbag, and took them home to begin my quest to read all the “edgy” YA books I can get my hands on.  This weekend I started with Acceleration, written by Canadian author Graham McNamee and set in Toronto. The plot centers on a typical teenage boy who works in the Toronto subway’s lost and found.  He stumbles upon a journal that chronicles the twisted mind of  a person who appears to be on the road to becoming a serial killer.  What follows are his efforts to locate this potential killer before it is too late for his future victims.   The book is suspenseful in places, particularly at the end, but don’t expect to be on a constant thrill ride.  The story focuses more on the boy’s relationships with his parents, his friends, and his ex-girlfriend, as well as on his guilt over a girl he couldn’t save from drowning the previous summer, than on confrontations or cat and mouse games between him and the journal’s owner.

Next “edgy” read: Impossible by Nancy Werlin