Student Review: Girl of Fire and Thorns

This book would be good for anyone from middle school to high school. However it is more of a feminine book, due to the romance and the fact that the main character is a princess. Throughout the book the main character – Elisa – had a difficult life. From the very beginning, she was compared to her sister and judged about her appearance. Elisa was overweight and not exceptionally beautiful, as a princess should be. To add to Elisa’s unhappiness, Elisa was to be married to the king of a neighboring country on her 16th birthday – to a king she hasn’t even met! And to make matters worse, Elisa’s marriage was to be a kept secret.  Soon she figures out that her marriage to the king was not to form an alliance between the two kingdoms, but to protect her from deadly enemies determined to take her life. After Elisa is kidnapped, it is up to her to stop a war that no one was aware was going on. Rae Carson’s writing is easy to follow and flows well making it hard to put the book down. The Girl of Fire and Thorns is now one of my favorite books because of the: rebellions, betrayals, kidnappings, and forbidden romance. I really like this book because the heroin was someone I could easily understand and like. When I read this book, I felt as if I actually knew her. This book was really different compared to the other books I have read, and I’m glad I decided to read outside of my comfort zone. – Kaila Harding, 9th Grade