Student Review: Spanking Shakespeare

The novel Spanking Shakespeare is about a teenage boy named (Shakespeare Shapiro) entering his senior year at high school. The book is about all the adventures and funny events that he has had to deal with throughout his life. I recommend this book to a more mature audience around fourteen and up because of some of the more explicit jokes that young people should not be reading. In the beginning of the book Shakespeare says, “I should warn you. Some of the material you’ re about to read is disturbing. Some of it will make you shake your head in disbelief. Some of it will make you cringe in disgust.”  But if your entering high school and you want to read something funny I recommend because of its length. It is not to long, and it has a great story line that will make you want to keep reading, and you might even laugh out loud. If you choose to read this book I hope you enjoy is as much as I did.- Andrew Jones, 9th Grade

Student Review: Carter Finally Gets It

The novel Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford is about a fourteen year old boy named Will Carter and his freshman year of high school. Throughout the novel, Will (aka Carter) gets into loads of problems. He gets in a fight, gets involved in a tricky love triangle, goes to his first high school party, and much, much more. I believe that every boy in high school would enjoy this book. I know that every high school boy can relate to the heart break that Carter gets into. For example, Carter goes with the prettiest girl in the school to homecoming and is very excited, but soon finds out that the girl didn’t want to go with him at all. I recommend this book for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is absolutely hilarious! There is one scene when Carter takes a girl named Abby to the movies. During the movie, the girl throws up all over the place. This scene had me cracking up. Another part of the book that I like is the Friendship between Carter and his best friend EJ. EJ is always by Carter’s side, especially when he stands up for Carter and tries to fight the craziest kid in the school. Lastly, the trouble that Carter gets into is very exciting and how he deals with it is amusing. At one point in the novel, Carter gets suspended and manages to use his days out of school as a break and not punishment by not telling his parents. All around, this novel is humorous, exciting, and a good read that I recommend for all high school boys. – Gavin Cauley, 9th Grade