Week 26

We made it to Friday!! The struggle is real between winter break and Spring Break, and we are alllll feeling it these last couple of weeks.

Highlights from this week included our second sixth grade trip to the public library to get library cards, hear about the library’s programs, and browse the shelves. (Sixth graders also like to play with the toys in the children’s area. I have to admit the mini puppet theater is hard to resist.) As a Friday treat, we were able to take a librarian field trip to one of our fellow AIMS schools for a thoughtful and interesting session on paraphrasing and plagiarism. It was a nice change of pace and fun to see our fellow librarians.

We also put out displays for Women’s History Month this week.  On the first floor, we have books grouped by various themes (see signs below).  On the second floor, we put out non-fiction books and also highlighted some of the research projects our juniors are doing related to women’s issues.

Happy Friday!!